Career With Us

Anyone with interest in blogging or think yourself as a talented developer/designer. Feel free to contact us. We will respect your talent in achieving your goals. We will use your talent to get better result from your skill. Below are the current job opportunities at MEINSTYN.

Job Opportunities

  • Author (Article Writing)
  • Marketing Boy (For Our Services)
  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Android App Developer
  • Photo And Video Animation


Any qualification with a good English knowledge and must be skilled on there field of application. We don’t believe in the certificates, We believe in your capability of work.

Selection Procedure

Anyone want to apply for any job then put an email with your previous work experience (If Any)  with normal details about yourself and why you want to choose Meinstyn. Our contact detail is on contact us page.

Once we receive your application. Then our HR team or any other representative will contact you and guide you through the selection procedure. (Note: Only email from or any self hosted email ( is authenticate.) . Try to avoid the spam and fake emails regarding job opportunities from meinstyn.

Before you selected for the job, some of the assignments will be provided to you with a time limit. On that time interval you have  to complete your assignment. The same process will be go for 1 month to check the work efficiency and time management. You have to submit the assignment before the dead line. Once you completed the Stage 1 then you will be selected for the training. Stage 1 is necessary as we are not checking your educational qualification. You will not receive any salary for the stage 1 participant.

After successfully completion of Stage 1,  you will be selected for the training (Stage 2). In the stage 2, our team will guide you in completing the assignments. This is very similar to stage 1, But in stage 2 our team will help you in completing the assignment. In the stage 2, We will also try to increase your skill for the future. Stage 2 will go for 3 months. After 1 month of work in Stage 2, A monthly salary will be decided for you and you will be receive 1/3 of the salary for training.

Once you completed the stage 1 and stage 2 successfully then you will selected for the Job.

Salary And Work Timing

Salary: Salary will be decided on individual work and commission basis. You will receive the salary at the month end in your bank A/C. If there is a bank holiday on the month end the salary will be credited to your ac on the next working day. Salary for the training will be credited to you on the 2nd month of main salary i.e. Your 3 month training salary will be given to you with the 2nd month’s main salary.

Time: There is no fixed timing for the work. You can work from anywhere and any time. Just complete your assignment before the dead line.