“Simply Clean” is the name of a cleaning concept that promises an always clean apartment with just ten to 15 minutes of cleaning every day. Find out exactly how the method works here and have enough time to enjoy real money online casino canada.

Cleaning every day probably sounds relatively exhausting to most people. However, with the “Simply Clean” method, that’s exactly what cleaning is supposed to make easier for you. According to the author of the book, Becky Rapinchuk, you no longer have to spend hours cleaning once a week, but instead, divide your cleaning chores into small bites that are manageable every day.


So instead of slaving away for two hours or more once a week, you’ll do a little cleaning every day for just about ten to 15 minutes. You can do this first thing in the morning before work, for example, or before your evening routine, depending on your preference.



The Simply Clean method is based on three categories in which daily, weekly and (bi-)monthly or quarterly cleaning tasks are divided:

There are things you should do every day. These include: making the bed, tidying up, wiping down work surfaces, cleaning the floors of coarse dirt, and (if necessary) doing laundry.


Other tasks are once a week. You will find them in the next paragraph of the weekly schedule.

Finally, there are aspects that you only need to do once a month, every two months, or quarterly (depending on your living situation and level of dirt). These include: Cleaning the oven, cleaning or polishing furniture, cleaning windows and wiping down baseboards.



Divide up cleaning tasks that come up once a week in the following way:


Monday: Clean bathroom

Tuesday: Dusting


Wednesday: Vacuuming

Thursday: Damp mopping floors


Friday: catch up on tasks you haven’t done yet

Saturday: Wash sheets and towels (if necessary)


Sunday: Break

Whether you can actually do this every day in just ten to 15 minutes is debatable. But especially if the long cleaning session stresses you out every week, it might be helpful for you to work through a small step every day. Another advantage is that dirt and dust won’t accumulate for a week. The apartment is therefore cleaner overall, and this alone will probably make cleaning quicker and easier for you.



To clean as environmentally conscious as possible, you can follow these tips:

  • Replace expensive cleaning agents with home remedies such as baking soda, citric acid or vinegar. This way you avoid harmful ingredients and save money and packaging waste. Find out more here: Environmentally friendly & inexpensive: You can make your own cleaning products from these 5 home remedies.
  • Alternatively, you can buy ecological cleaning products. We present recommended products here: Eco-cleaning agents & organic cleaning agents: Our recommendations
  • A lot does not necessarily help a lot! Use detergents and cleaning agents in moderation to save raw materials.
  • Use washable and reusable cloths and sponges for cleaning instead of disposable products. You don’t necessarily have to buy washcloths. You can also save old dish towels, T-shirts and scraps of cloth from the garbage can and use them as wiping cloths.


Before you get started with the plastering plan, we have a few basic tips for you:

  • Plaster from the top down and from the inside out. This applies to small apartments as well as to multi-story units. It’s best to start on the top floor and in each room at the ceiling or the topmost surfaces. Then work your way from one end of the room toward the door.
  • Always wipe in one direction and never back and forth. Otherwise, you’ll just spread the dirt around.
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  • Use separate rags for different rooms. Especially for the kitchen and bathroom there should be separate rags. This way you don’t carry germs from room to room. You should also use an extra rag for the toilet. You can then wash and reuse the rags.
  • Cold water is sufficient for normal dirt. This way you can save energy. For stubborn dirt, warm water is more effective.
  • Ventilation is important. Open all windows completely for a few minutes to ventilate. If there is a draught, make sure you use door stops or lean objects against the doors so that the draught does not slam them shut.
  • Clean windows on a separate day. Because this can be time-consuming, depending on the number of windows, and you can fully focus on the rest of your home. Do this as needed a few times a year.
  • Once or twice a year you should do a basic cleaning in the sense of spring cleaning.

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