A Guide To White Hat SEO Technique

A Guide To White Hat SEO.

What Is White Hat Seo Techniques

White Hat SEO: Article entitled “A Guide To White Hat SEO Technique” will show you a description about White Hat SEO with functions and how the white hat seo technique works.

White Hat SEO Definition: White Hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of increasing web site performance in SERP (Search Engine Result Page), Without violating the Search Engine Guidelines. White Hat SEO gives a slow but lasting growth in Rankings.


A Guide To White Hat SEO.

White Hat Search Engine Optimization follow the rule that says “Content Is King“.People who follows the White Hat SEO Techniques wants to give the relevant and proper information to the viewers. It is opposite to Black Hat SEO.


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Things To Be Taken Care In White Hat SEO Techniques

White Hat Search Engine Optimization: If we take care on the below described things and accordingly follow our website then the web site will get good ranking on Search Engine Result Page through the White Hat SEO Technique

  • Keyword Research: Before making the website or writing the article, we must do a proper research on keyword and phrases fo which we want to appear our web site on result page of Search Engine (SERP). Means proper research for both long and short trail keywords relevant to our content. After doing the proper research write the article.
  • Quality Content: Follow the keyword research and try to write a quality article. Try to follow these things during writing an article
    • Valuable Content: Your content of the website must be valuable for the viewers. Otherwise your website got wrong impression and you will not get the returning visitors.
    • Keyword Placement: Put your keyword and phrases effectively on the article. Means on natural way so that it will be reader friendly
    • Images And Video: Use image and videos relevant to your article so that it will be good to view and your page will be look attractive
    • Meta Information: Use meta tag for website, article and placed images to get better result in SERP
  • Relevant Links: Link building is one of the required part in SEO. Try to get proper back-links for your article from other website by posting guest post, sharing data on different social media etc. Don’t try any black hat method to get back links otherwise it will go to black hat technique. Also create inbound links in between your web pages.
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  • Sitemap: Use a best sitemap for your website. As it will help the search engine spider and your web site visitor to get familiar with your content. So no information will lost from the search engine spider.
  • Site Architecture And Site Performance: Architecture and performance of the website is also a major part in SEO. Make the architecture of the website search engine friendly as well as user friendly. If your website is search engine friendly but users will feel difficulty in watching that. Then they will navigate to other website. Also try to improve the performance of the website.

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