How To Change Your Default Printer In Windows (Different For Each Network)

Modify Default Printer In Windows

How To Set Default Printer In Windows OS (Windows 7, 8/8.1 And Windows 10)

Modify Default Printer In Windows: Article will show you step by step procedure to modify the default printers in Windows Operating System and make different default printers for each network where the system is connected.

Article will helpful to you if you have several printer installed on your system but you use only one printer most of the time. On that case you make that printer as default printer on your system and whenever you decide to use print option, the printer will be chosen by default and you don’t need to choose that manually from the list of all the printers installed on your system.


If your system regularly connects with several networks and you want to use different default printers for each network, Then also the article entitled “Change Your Default Printer In Windows” is helpful to you. Below procedure works perfectly on all higher version of Windows after Windows after Windows 7 (i.e Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10).

How To Change Default Printer In Windows PC

  1. Open Control Panel. (Make Sure About The View Of Control Panel is on Category View).
  2. Click On “Hardware And Sound” and then “Devices and Printers“. It will show you a list of all the installed devices and printers of your Windows system.
  3. On the “Printers” tab choose the printer you want to make default and right click of mouse on it.
  4. Now choose “Set As Default Printer” on the context menu.
  5. That is it. Now your default printer is changed.

How To Set Different Default Printer For Each Connected Network In Windows

  1. Open Control Panel and Go to Control Panel ->Hardware And Sound ->Devices And Printers. It will show you the complete list of all the printers and other devices installed on your system.
  2. Select or tap on any printer from the Printer tab.
  3. After selecting a printer, choose “Manage Default Printers” on the Menu Bar.
  4. It will open the “Manage Default Printers” window. You will get two option on that window.
    • Always use the same printers as my default printer: It will make your default printer to default for all networks. Default Printer will not change after changing the network.
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    • Change my default printer when I change network: modify default printer for each network. Follow the steps below to set default printer for each network.
  5. Select “Change my default printer when I change network“.
  6. On “Select Network” select the network and on “Select Printer” choose the printer for that network and click on “Add”.
  7. It will make that printer to default for that network.
  8. Follow the above 2 steps to add different printers for different network.
  9. If you want to modify and previous addition, then choose the network from the list of networks and change the printer.
  10. That is it.


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