How To Install Windows 7 From USB/DVD

How To Install Windows 7 From USB and Installation DVD

How To Install Windows 7 On PC/Laptop From USB or DVD

Windows 7 Installation: Article will show you the step by step procedure to install Windows 7 on your system using a Windows Installation Disc or a Bootable flash drive. Installing Windows 7 is also known as “Format C Drive” or Fresh installation of Windows or repair your system or upgrade your windows operating system to Windows 7. You must have a windows disc or bootable usb drive (pen drive) for installing Windows 7 on your system. Below article is applicable to all version of Windows 7 like Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Ultimate. Read the system requirement for Windows 7, before you start the installation.

After you make the installation it will need to install the drivers of all your hardware to use your system fully. It will be better if you download all the drivers from the manufacturer website or you can also use a Universal Driver Pack to install the drivers (If you don’t have the driver disc). Drivers are the minimum requirements after installing the Windows. Some version of Windows 7 install all the minimum required drivers like Graphics, Sound, Chipset etc. with the installation of Windows. You have to install other drivers to use other hard-wares.


Step By Step Procedure To Install Windows 7 (Ultimate, Home Basic, Home Premium, Starter)

  1. First you need a Windows 7 installation disc or a boot able USB drive for Windows 7.
  2. Insert your Windows 7 disc to DVD drive or Boot-able pen drive to USB drive and reboot (restart) your system.
  3. Press the required key on keyboard to open boot menu of your system. (Key to open boot menu is different for different manufacturer).
  4. Choose the boot menu to your DVD drive (If you install from a Windows 7 DVD) or your flash drive (If you installing Windows 7 from a pen-drive) And then hit “Enter”.
  5. It will start the boot process and you will get a progress bar showing “Windows Is Loading Files
  6. it will open a new window to choose language , Keyboard layout and time and currency format. Choose the required things and click on “Next”.
  7. On the next Window you will get two option.
    • Install Now: To create a fresh install of Windows on your system.
    • Repair Your Computer: Repair the old Window with the new one. You can also think it as a upgrade of Operating system.

    As we are doing fresh installation so choose “Install Now“.

  8. If your Installation disc has multiple operating system, then it will ask you to choose the operating system. or if it has only one operating system in the disc then it will show you the next step of “License Terms”. Just enable the check box “I Accept License Terms” and click on “Next”.
  9. You will get two option.
    • Upgrade: It will upgrade your new Windows and keep your old files, setting and programs. To work on this version your old version of Windows must be running. For first time installation or corrupt operating system it will not work.
    • Custom (Advanced): It will install a new copy of Windows without keeping the old files and settings.

    Choose Custom (Advanced) to make a clean and fresh install of windows 7

  10. Now it will ask you to choose the drive for installation. if you want to make partition, join drive, delete partition then click on “Drive Option“. Make your required changes of drive and then choose the drive where you want to install windows 7 and click on “Next”.
  11. Now windows 7 will start the installation process and during various stages of process it will restart your windows several times.
  12. After all the required process completed. Last stage will continue with a message “Set up is preparing your computer for first use“.
  13. After the above process, Windows will ask you to enter a User Name and a Computer Name. Enter the username and computer name for your system and click on “Next”.
  14. On the next step it will ask you to enter the password and hint to recover password (If Forget) for the user. Click on “Next”.
  15. After that it will ask you to enter the Activation Key for the Windows 7. Enter the Activation Key and click on “Next”.
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  17. Then it will ask you to choose the some of the setting. You have to choose from the below 3 options. Choose anyone and click on next.
    • Use Recommended Settings: It will change your windows settings to automatically receive updates from Microsoft, make your browsing safer, check solutions for any problems etc.
    • Install Important Updates Only: On this setting, it will only install the security updates and other important updates for Windows 7.
    • Ask Me Later: It will ask you again to configure the setting later
  18. Then it will ask you to configure your time and time zone.
  19. If your computer has an Internet connection then it will ask you to configure that and to choose the network type as Home, Work or Public Network.
  20. Windows will now finalize the settings and reboot your Windows 7 system. After restart the installation process is finished. and login screen will appear to use the installed Windows 7.

Note: After the installation of Windows, you need to check your windows 7 activation status and which driver are not configured. If your Windows is not activated then you have to activate that manually And it is necessary to install all the updated drivers in your system to use it completely.


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