How To Start Private Browsing In Firefox

How To Start Private Browsing In Mozilla Firefox

How To Start Private Browsing In Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox Private Browsing: Article will show you how to access internet privately in Mozilla firefox. Private browsing in Firefox is similar to InPrivate browsing of Internet Explorer, Incognito Mode in Chrome and Private Window of opera browser.

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When we access internet or browse webpages using Private Mode of firefox, then firefox don’t save any information about which sites and pages you have visited. Private browsing don’t save any history of visited pages and download list and form & search bar entries. It also don’t save any cache web content or offline web pages of the website you have visited. It don’t save cookies also.

In private browsing browser don’t save any information but it don’t makes you invisible over the internet. Your ISP and the sites you visit can track what pages you visit.


How To Open A New Private Window In Mozilla Firefox

1. Open Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser.
2. Click on the “Menu” button at top right corner of the browser window just below the “Close” button and right to the address bar of the firefox.
3. Then choose “New Private Window“.
4. It will open a new firefox window in private mode.
5. That is it.

Note: To open a link in private window. Just right click of mouse on that link and then choose “Open Link In New Private Window”. It will open that link in private browsing. It means when you are browsing internet in Normal window and want to access a web page privately then you can do the same.


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Mozilla Firefox Private Browsing Shortcut (Keyboard Hot-keys)

Keyboard Shortcut To Firefox Private Browsing: First open a firefox window then press CTRL+SHIFT+P from your keyboard. These hot-keys will open a new private window of Mozilla firefox.


Note: To close or Exit from the private browsing, just close the open browser window.


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