How to Uninstall An Update In Windows 7 (All version)

Uninstall An Update in Windows 7

How To Uninstall An Update In Windows 7 (Complete Tutorial)

Uninstall An Update in Windows 7: Below article will give you a small idea about Windows update, why should we update our windows and how to uninstall updates in Windows 7. The process works on all version of windows 7 like starter, home basic, home premium, professionals, enterprise and ultimate.

What is an update in Windows 7: Windows update is a free service by Microsoft, that is used to provide updates like service package and patches to the Windows operating system and other application by Microsoft. It is also used to update drivers for hardware devices.


Why should we update our Windows 7: We must keep our system up-to-date to secure our system for different malware and malicious attacks. We also able to access the latest facilities by updating our system. To know how to update your Windows 7 PC, read the article entitled “How To Install Updates in Windows 7

Sometimes, we don’t want some updates to be installed. On that case, we want to uninstall an update in Windows 7, which was previously installed. So just follow the below steps to know how to uninstall updates in Windows 7.


How To Uninstall An Update in Windows 7

  1. Go to Start ->Control Panel.
  2. Now choose “Uninstall a program” in Programs (If the view of the control panel is in category view)
  3. On the left side of the open window, Click on “View installed updates“.
  4. It will list down all the installed updates in your Windows 7 PC.
  5. Now click on the update that you want to uninstall.
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  7. Right click of mouse on it and choose “uninstall”.Uninstall An Update in Windows 7
  8. Follow the instruction and uninstall the updates of Windows 7
  9. That is it.

Note: If you want to permanently disable windows updates or modify the update setting, then read the article entitled “How to permanently disable windows update in windows 7”. If you have any doubt regarding the article “how to uninstall updates in windows 7“, then share your problems with us in comments, our team will get back to you.


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