7 Best PSP ROMS Emulators for Android Devices

Many people, especially the players, are familiar with the PSP ROMs by Sony. In this generation, it is one of the most sought-after handheld consoles. It has managed to sell over an 80Million+ units all over the world.

This makes it one of the most famous consoles of all time, if not the most famous. The consoles are not produced anymore, but that does not mean that we can no longer play old-school games.
You can play the games on your Android device. In this article, we will check out some of the best PSP ROMs emulators for Android. Therefore, without further ado, let’s dive into the best PSP ROMs for Android today.

  1. PSP Free
    PSP Free established itself as the standard quality of the PSP ROMs for Android. Ever since its introduction to the market, it has remained on the pedestal of all emulators today. It can almost perfectly render any PSP ROM game.
    PSP Free may be ad-supported, but it is the perfect emulator for PlayStation Portable gaming (PSP gaming).
  2. PSP Gold
    PSP Gold is a paid version of the PSP Free. Therefore, if you want to unlock the full potential of the PSP, you just have to buy it for $4.99. This removes any ads that are on the free version and brings along more benefits with it.
    PSP Gold unlocks faster game emulation, has enhanced graphics, and has a turbo button for the RPGs. This will make your gaming experience quicker and more enjoyable.
  3. Rapid PSP Emulator
    Rapid PSP Emulator comes as an alternative for the people whose phones cannot take the heavy resource of PSP. It comes with a lighter interface, lighter than the PSP, and also supports external controllers.
    Rapid PSP has the save states option that allows the player to save many instances on your game during gameplay. The emulator is 100% free of charge with all these features, and you will never encounter any hitches while playing the old PSP games on your phone.
  4. RetroArch
    RetroArch is an all-in-one PSP ROMs emulator for Android devices. It offers all the classic consoles that can be emulated, ranging from SNES to PSP. With this emulator, all you need is the right plugin, and you are good to go.
    In this case, the plugin is the PSP plugin. RetroArch has a great potential for any retro games available today.
  5. Sunshine Emulator
    All the emulators tend to give out an impression of slow rendering of graphics and lag during gameplay. Sunshine Emulator, however, is not one of those emulators. It offers a very fantastic gaming experience when running PSP games on it.
    You get to enjoy HD graphics as well when playing on the Sunshine Emulator. The most fantastic thing about this emulator is that it supports backward compatibility with older Android versions.
    Hence, if you have an older Android device at home, this emulator will give it the second life required.
  6. Enjoy PSP Emulator
    Enjoy PSP emulator is a lightweight emulator for Android devices. However, light does not translate to not being powerful when it comes to this emulator. The Enjoy PSP Emulator is one of the best lightweight options for your Android phone.
    It runs on a later version of the Android 2.3 Gingerbread making it one of the most accessible PSP emulators. Additionally, Enjoy PSP Emulator can imitate the original PSP making it one great PSP emulator for your gaming.
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  8. PSPlay Emulator
    It becomes tough to play PSP games on smartphones, more so the touchscreens. Games become blocked and all that weird stuff that happens on the device. Suffer no more as the PSPlay Emulator supports external Bluetooth game controllers.
    This offers a PSP-like experience when playing. It also allows saving states that enable the player to save instances on their Android devices. This will let you rewind and replay cases on the game.
    As you have probably experienced firsthand, PSP ROMs are the best thing that has ever happened in the game industry. With the introduction of the Android emulators, gaming has been made so much easier than before.
    So, get yourself any of these emulators and get to enjoy the PSP gaming experience right on your Android device.

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