The Rules of Biggest European Eurojackpot Lottery

Every Friday, any Indian who wants to get lucky by winning a lottery can make his dream come true.
With Europe’s newest international lottery Eurojackpot. According to this site:, a major competitor to EuroMillions, Eurojackpot gives players a higher chance of striking gold by winning the jackpot.
It is the second most popular lottery today in Europe.

The first Eurojackpot draw occurred in March 2012. The rollover can reach a whopping 90million Euros (Rs. 736crore approx. maximum) and 10million Euros (Rs. 81crore approx. minimum). Launched in 2012, Eurojackpot gives players higher chances of winning than EuroMillions. The odds are not that great compared to the jackpot win.


Rules: How to play?

  1. Choose 5 numbers from 1-50.
  2. Choose 2 extra Euronumbers.
  3. Select draw dates and duration (can use an auto-generated system to randomly choose numbers).
  4. Click submit.
  5. Win jackpot by matching 5+2 numbers drawn.

The main rule to win is if your selected numbers match the drawn ones, you can qualify for a higher prize. Using the Double Jackpot feature, your jackpot prize can be doubled from 90million to 180million Euros (Rs. 1368crore approx.). You can also buy subscriptions in case you do not want to miss any wins if you forget to purchase numbers.
There are additional tiers for prize money. Each one varies in amount depending on the total numbers you get right. It rolls over to the next draw if no winner is declared. Currently, 14 European countries with India can take part every Friday. The draw takes place in Helsinki, Finland around 8 pm (12:30 pm on Saturday IST). The entire amount is credited within seconds tax-free in full amount.

Can I play Eurojackpot legally from India?

One should be thankful to Eurojackpot websites on which Indians can play legally. Earlier only certain states in India allowed players to access the website and play along with buying tickets from local sellers. Now, agents purchase tickets for you online and send a proof before the draw happens.With more players across India showing interest, they started online sites like LottoThrill or Lottosmile for Indians and players worldwide. However, the age limit to play online is 18years. Eurojackpot is now gaining popularity in India and there are hopes that the next jackpot winner will be an Indian.


How can Indians purchase Eurojackpot tickets?

You can buy tickets online for a small fee of 160rs.

Since it is sourced online, you can buy tickets easily, if you have a secure internet connection.
Your tickets are safely stored online.


Purchase the Combo ticket that lets you select more than 5 main numbers and 2 Euro Numbers. It automatically combines different lines for players to choose their lucky numbers.

Is it safe to play online?

The sites are trustworthy and reputed. They are bound by strict data protection laws.
With that in mind, you might be confused as to which is a safe platform. While it is safe to play online, watch out for things on a website like –

  • proper payment options
  • good 24/7 customer support
  • other facilities like casino
  • payment options

Looking for a lottery with competitive odds? Eurojackpot is the ONE.


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