What Are The Different Types Of User In WordPress And Permissions

What Are The Different Types Of User In WordPress And Their Permissions

Different Types Of User In WordPress And Permissions

Types Of User In WordPress: Article entitled “What Are The Different Types Of User In WordPress And Their Permissions” will show you a brief description about the different level of user roles in WordPress and their permission capability. Applying the correct user role is very important for any site. Here, we will guide you how to set the perfect user role for a WordPress user.

Different Types Of User Roles In WordPress - Permission To User Level


User role can be referred as the permissions for a WordPress user on the WordPress website. Capability of the user and what he can do on the WordPress website.User role can be modified by the Admin any time. Generally five types of user role available on the WordPress. They are

  1. Administrator
  2. Editor
  3. Author
  4. Contributor
  5. Subscriber

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If you are working solely for a WordPress website then you don’t need to think about the user roles. But If you are associated with a WordPress blog with several people on the team. Then you need to set permissions for each role according. Similarly gives limits to the access and provide limited permissions of access to the WordPress website. Below is the brief description of permission for WordPress user of the different level that will guide you to choose the perfect user role.

What Are The Different Types Of User In WordPress And Their Permissions


Administrator – User Role In WordPress

Administrator User Of WordPress Website: An administrator is a user with the highest permission. Administrator is abbreviated as “Admin“. Admin can do anything on the website. Admin has the permission to access everything on the website and they can do anything on their website.

Admin can modify the WordPress website settings. He can add and modify the theme and plugin settings. Admin can add new users and modify their user roles and permissions. Admin can create new category and tag. He can also create and modify the post published by any user.


Editor – User Role In WordPress

Editor User Of WordPress: Editor also plays an important role in WordPress website. Editors are often used to manage lower level user like authors and contributors. An editor cannot modify the website settings, themes, and plugins. Editor has only permissions to access the content structure of the website.

Editors have the full access to the content structure. Editors not only create their own content but also the permissions to modify the content added by the other user. Editor user has the permissions to create pages, edit all posts, edit all categories and tags, edit comments.


Editor - Different Types Of User Role In WordPress And Permission

Author – User Role In WordPress

Author User Of WordPress: As the user type defines, he is the author of the website. An author can publish their own content, create category and tags and add media. Author has the permissions to access media uploader, but he can not delete the media uploaded by another user. An author cannot modify the posts uploaded by other users. In short, an author can create posts, delete and modify their own post, upload media and delete their own media.


Contributor – User Role In WordPress

Contributor User Of WordPress: Contributor user in WordPress has the very limited permissions. A contributor cannot publish a post. A contributor has only permission to submit their content to draft. He can modify and delete their own draft. Once the article is submitted to draft, It is needed to review by editor or admin to publish the content. Once the article is published, the author has no control over that article. In short, Contributor cannot publish their content. He needs to ask for the review to publish the same.


Contributor - Different Types Of User Role In WordPress And Permission

Subscriber – User Role In WordPress

Subscriber User Of WordPress: Subscriber is the lowest level of user type in WordPress. They are used as the registered users so that they can just log in and get regular updates from the website. Subscriber role is very similar to the customer role and he has very fewer permissions. A subscriber can only read posts and post comments on the website.

User role of the website can be modified by the Admin at any time. It means that as per the requirement Admin can modify the user role. Hope this article will help you to understand the permissions of different user types in WordPress website. If you face any difficulty, then feel free to discuss your issue with comments. We will try to get back to you very soon.


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