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This is the first and a welcome post to all the upcoming viewers of the blog www.meinstyn.com.  This blog will cover all the topics and provide you the solution of all “How To” type question. Recently you will get news and articles on the few topics but in future, you will get solution to almost all type of questions here. Very Soon we will provide all type of Web And Seo Service Here.


Active Blogs On Topics:

  1. Applications : Articles On All Type of Mobile, Windows, MAC And Linux Applications.
  2. Windows,Linux & MAC: All How To Type Solutions Related To Windows OS (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10), GUI Version Of Linux like Ubuntu And MAC Operating System.
  3. Internet Apps: Guide On Different Internet Topics Like Different Service On Google, Yahoo, Facebook etc.
  4. Gadget Review: Specification of Mobile, Camera, Laptop With There Review.
  5. Entertainment: Topics Related To Entertainment Like TV, Bollywood, Hollywood And Regional Sections.
  6. Sports: Latest News, Results, Records And All Updates On Different Sports (Cricket, Football, Hockey etc)
  7. Health And Fitness (Male/Female): Fitness Tips On Body Building, Yoga, Fit Body With Diet Consultant.
  8. Diseases: Idea About Different Diseases, Its Symptoms And How To Avoid Them.
  9. Crime & LAW: Small Idea About Indian Constitution and All Judicial Sections With IPC Act.
  10. History & Geography: History And Geographical Idea For Preparation of Competitive Exams.
  11. Advertisement
  12. Word Knowledge: Crammer ,  Phrases,  Proverb,  Synonyms, Antonyms etc.
  13. Text Message: Occasional Message for Social Media ,  Different Internet Slang Word And Inspirational Quotes By Famous People
  14. Forum: A special forum will be designed for discussion between the users to find the better solution.

Note: Content Writer Needed For The Above Category. Interested People Feel Free To Contact Us..


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Mihir Prasad Mahanta

Research and sharing of idea helps me to become a successful blogger for different niche like technology, sports, entertainment and health.

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