How Are Painting Reproductions Made?

How Are Painting Reproductions Made?

Art is versatile and there’s something to match everyone’s personality and decor style. However, original paintings aren’t always an option. After all, original masterpieces are often rare and expensive. Plus, it can be a great and memorable piece if you get images such as wedding photos made into a custom reproduction. How are these reproductions made, though? How do they transfer from their original form to a reproduction ready to hang on your wall?

What Are Painting Reproductions?

Painting reproductions can actually encompass quite a few different concepts. The one that people think about most often is an exact replication of another existing painting. For instance, if someone were to order a reproduction of a classic painting, they could have a replica of that painting to hang in their own home or office without worrying about the cost, hassle, or unavailability of the original.


Another common choice is to purchase a painted replica of a photo. This is a great way to put an extra special twist on memories such as baby photos or wedding photos. You can send in your images to transform them into beautiful oil paintings.

However, not every image sent in for reproduction needs to be copied exactly when it’s transferred into a painting. Customers can also request their photos and images in different artistic styles such as;

  • Composite paintings
  • Andy Warhol style
  • Graphic style
  • Black and color
  • Che Guevara style
  • Op Art
  • Illustration style
  • Mao style

You can even order a classic painting with a twist. For example, if someone wants to see what they’d look like as the Mona Lisa or The Girl with the Pearl Earring, they can order a painting to fit those needs.

How Are Oil Painting Reproductions Made?

The way that the reproductions that are ordered from 1st Art Gallery are made isn’t that different from how paintings are created in general. The artist working on a requested piece is given a sample of what they’re working with and then they get to work! Depending on what the customer ordered, they’ll either start on an exact, life-like replica or they’ll stylize it to meet the request.


This produces a more unique, genuine, and higher-quality option than a computer-generated approach. While it might take longer for a handpainted reproduction, this method yeilds a higher quality result. Starting with a blank canvas also allows for additional creativity in answering a request.

All of the artists that work for 1st Art Gallery are masters of their craft. That means that the requests they fulfill are completed with the same precision expected from one of the great artists that have masterpieces lining museums and galleries.


How to Order Painting Reproductions

The first step to ordering a painting reproduction is to request a quote for the project. Just like a quote for something like home repairs, this will estimate how much the reproduction will cost based on factors such as the length of time it takes to complete and how technically difficult it is.

To do this, customers start by offering information on their painting such as the type of painting being ordered and then further details on it. When ordering an existing painting that isn’t in 1st Art Gallery’s database, as an example, the form includes prompts such as the name of the artist and title of the work if you have it.


From here, will ask for the desired size of the painting. The height and width can be measured in inches, feet, or centimeters. Then, just add the reference images of the painting or subject that the reproduction will be of. Users can multiple images but the files should be 5 MB or smaller.

There is also a space to add special instructions such as notes on the order such as orders for the background of the painting or special order instructions like making sure the painting is gallery wrap ready when it’s finished.


Finally, the form asks for information on how to contact the person ordering. These fields include a first and last name, an e-mail address, and a phone number. When 1st Art Gallery contacts you, they will offer the option to move forward with an official order if the initial quote is agreed upon.


Painting reproductions are a great way to capture a moment forever. It’s a medium that’s often associated with luxury and, until recently, was reserved for the rich, famous, and royal. Today, though, anyone can invest in their very own oil painting replication for fairly little. These aren’t limited to exact replicas of famous paintings either.


Anyone can get their favorite memories turned into an oil painting from wedding photos to pet portraits. Changes such as style or background can even be edited to create your very own, one-of-a-kind masterpiece about the subject of your choice.


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