How To Change Default Language In Google Chrome

How To Change Default Language In Google Chrome

How To Change Google Chrome Language

Change Language Of Google Chrome: Article will show you step by step procedure to modify the default language in Google Chrome browser and how to enable the translate option in the chrome browser. Google Chrome is one of the best browser from the list of top 10 web browser for Windows.

But you can not enjoy all the benifits of Chrome, If the language of the browser is not set to your native language. So you need to change it to your native langauge manually and browse the internet. You can also enable the translate option of web page (If the web page is not in your native language), So that Google Chrome will automatically translate the webpage to your native language.


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How To Change Chrome Language (Default) And Enable Offer To Translate Web Pages

Change Language Of Chrome: Step by step procedure to change the default language of Google Chrome browser in Windows PC (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10).

  1. Open Google Chrome Browser.
  2. Click on “Chrome Menu” icon at the top right corner of the browser window (Right to address bar of the Google Chrome) and choose “Settings” to open Settings window of Google Chrome. OR
    Type “chrome://settings/” (without quotes) in the browser address bar and hit “Enter”.
  3. Scroll Down the Horizontal Scroll Bar till last and choose “Show Advanced Settings...”
  4. Again Scroll down the Horizontal Scroll Bar till “Languages” Section.
  5. You will get two options There
    • Language and input settings: Modify the default language. You can add or remove different languages for the browser here.
    • Offer to translate pages that are not in a language you read: Just enable the tick box to get the translate option for the web pages that are not in your default language
  6. Click on “Langage and input settings…” to modify the default langugage of your chrome browser.
  7. A pop up window will be appear for the languages.
  8. Click on “Add” at the bottom left corner to add more languages for your browser. Another pop up window will open with name “Add language” to add languages.
  9. Click on the drop down menu of the Languages and choose the language you want to add in Google Chrome and Click on “OK“. The same language will be added to chrome and listed on the “Languages” pop up. You can add more than one language here.
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  11. Once you have added all the languages to your Google Chrome web browser. Now it is time to choose the default langugae.
  12. Choose the language you want to make default browser language on left side of the pop up window and click on “Display Google Chrome In This Language” on the right side of the pop up window.
    Note: Once you set the default language, then you will get the notification as “Google Chrome is displayed in this language” on that place.
  13. Click on “Done“. That is it. Now the default language of Google Chrome is Changed.

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