List Of Top 10 Best Antivirus Program For Windows 10/8.1/8/7 (Free And Paid)

Complete List Of Top 10 Antivirus 2015 Software For Windows PC (INDIA)

Antivirus For Windows System: Before going to discuss about the best (Top 10) antivirus software for Windows system, first of all you need to know about the function of an Antivirus.So that it will help you to choose the best one for your Windows 8.1/8/7 or Windows 10 PC.

Antivirus Program in Windows System: Anti-virus (AV) is a computer software that protect your Windows PC from malicious application and viruses. Main function of an antivirus program is to detect and remove the viruses from your system and safe your PC from virus attack. Below are the list of top 10 antivirus program (Both free and paid antivirus) for a Windows system.


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List Op Top 10 Best Antivirus For Windows

List Of Top 10 Antivirus 2015 For Windows System

#1. Microsoft Security Essentials/ Windows Defender

Microsoft Security Essential or Windows Defender: Microsoft Security Essential (MSE) is one of the best antivirus developed by Microsoft Corporation. It supports up to Windows 7. This is a totally free antivirus program.


Windows Defender: Later version of Windows after Windows 7 (Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8) has Windows Defender is an built in Antivirus. This is the same antivirus as Microsoft Security Essential of Windows 7. This built in antivirus is also free.

Both Microsoft Security Essentials in Windows 7 and Windows Defender in later version of Windows needs regular updates to work properly. Both are free.


#2. Quick Heal Antivirus (Total Security, Pro And Internet Security)

Quick Heal Antivirus For Windows: Quick Heal Antivirus is one of the best antivirus for Windows System developed by Quick Heal Technologies (P) Ltd. Quick Heal Technologies (P) Ltd. creates antivirus for Mobile and PC users for both personal and professional use. It comes as both free and paid version of antivirus. Free trial version of Quick Heal product works for 30 days then it need to be upgrade.

Quick heal has 3 products as antivirus. i.e. Quick Heal Total Security, Quick Heal Internet security and Quick Heal Antivirus Pro. From these 3 anti-malware product of Quick Heal, Quick Heal Total Security is best as it has the maximum and more security facility than the others two.


Check the comparison between Quick Heal Total Security (QHTS), Quick Heal Internet Security (QHIS) and Quick Heal Antivirus Pro (QHAP) to know how QHTS is better than the other two.

#3. Avast! Antivirus (Free, Internet Security And Premier)

Avast Antivirus For Windows: Avast is also an top antivirus for Windows PC develop by AVAST Software s.r.o. It also develops security app for MAC PC, Android and iPhone/iPad. Both home and commercial use antivirus were developed.


Avast has also 3 products as antivirus like Quick Heal. They are Free, Internet Security and Premier. Out of these 3 antivirus programs Premier is best as it has the maximum protection over malwares. Check the comparison of Free, Internet Security and Premier version of Avast antivirus to know about the facilities.

Free version of Avast Antivirus has 30 days trial period without registration. But after putting the registration (Your personal details only), you can use that for 365 days. It means Avast! free antivirus as free for 30+365 days.


#4. Trend Micro™ Titanium Maximum Security Antivirus

Trend Micro™ Titanium Maximum Security Antivirus For Windows: Trend Micro™ Titanium Maximum Security is one of the best antivirus for Windows PC developed by Trend Micro Incorporated.

It comes as both free trial and paid version for maximum security. Free trial of the antivirus works for 30 days. This is a total and all-in-one security application for Windows.


#5. Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender Total Security 2015: Bit defender total security is also an top antivirus for Windows developed by Softwin (Romania based software company). Different versions for home and business users are available. Bit defender provides officially a 30 days trial pack for the antivirus.

#6. McAfee Antivirus

McAfee Antivirus: Mcafee is a antivirus software developed by McAfee Inc. It develops anti-virus software for home use and office use. This is a part of Intel security. Free version of McAfee Antivirus works for 30 days as trial.


#7. Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky Antivirus 2015 for Windows: Kaspersky Antivirus are also top antivirus for Windows system developed by Kaspersky Lab. Kaspersky has different antivirus for both home security and business security. It is capable to protect you against all type of threats. Free try of 30 days is available with Kaspersky Antivirus 2015.

#8. F Secure Antivirus

F Secure Antivirus For Windows: f Secure is also one of the best antivirus for Windows Operating System developed by F-Secure Corporation. F-Secure produce antivirus for Windows PC, MAC PC. Mobile and Tablet devices.


#9. Eset Smart Security

Eset Smart Security Antivirus For Windows: Eset Smart Security is one of the best antivirus developed by ESET and spol. s.r.o. You will get both PC and mobile version of security app from ESET. Free version of ESET antivirus works for 30 days as trial.

#10. BullGuard Internet Security Antivirus

Bullguard Internet Security Antivirus For Windows: BullGuard is also a top antivirus by Bullguard for Windows system.


Some Other Top Antivirus in 2015 For Windows Operating System

Apart from the above top 10 antivirus of Windows, Some other antivirus developers are producing best anti-malwares for the windows system. Some of those best antivirus are Avira Antivirus, AVG Internet Security, G-Data Antivirus, K7 Antivirus, Escan Internet Security etc.

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