What Is Link Manipulation (Schemes, Farms, Wheels And Networks)

LInk Manipulation (Link Scheme, Link Farm, Link Wheel, Link Network )


What Is Link Manipulation In SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Link Manipulation In Search Engine Optimization: Link Manipulation is a search engine technique to manipulate the rank of the website in SERP by creating back links in unnatural manner. Unnatural manner of creating back-links referred as buying back-links or creating back links using different tools or link schemes. Link Manipulation is a Black Hat SEO Techniques and mostly used by the Black Hat Search Engine Optimizer.Some terms related with Link Manipulation SEO Techniques are

    • Link Scheme
    • Link Farm
    • Link Wheels
    • Link Network

What Is Link Schemes In SEO

Link Schemes In Search Engine Optimization: Any back-link that is generate to manipulate the page rank of a website in Search Engine Results Page (SERP). It considers any behavior that manipulates link to your sites and out going link from your sites. Some links that comes under link schemes are

  • Buying or selling links that pass the page rank.
  • Link Exchange or Cross Linking: Excess amount of link exchange.
  • Large number of article marketing or guest post campaign with keyword rich anchor text links.
  • Using different automatic tools to create back links
  • Text advertisement that pass the page rank
  • Low quality directory and bookmark site links
  • Different distributed links on footers or template of various sites.
  • Forum Comments with optimized links.
  • Hidden and low quality links embedded with widgets.

What Is Link Farm In SEO

Link Farm In Search Engine Optimization: Link farm is a website or a group of website that are created, only to provide and increase the link popularity of a single sites. This is like a normal website But its sole purpose to provide link to a target website and increase the back links.


What Is Link Wheels In Seo

Link Wheels In Se arch Engine Optimization

: A link wheel is a link link exchange strategy within the webpage of a website or within different websites with one another other to pass the page rank and create a circle or wheel of the exchange of links. Link wheels try to fool the search engine by hiding the reciprocal links.

What Is Link Network In Seo

Link Network In Search Engine Optimization: Link Network means creating a large number of links for your website from the other websites that are on your control. These link has very low value to the users and it is only to manipulate the page rank of the website in search engine results page.


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