What Is Article Spinning In SEO

Article Spinning In SEO

Article Spinning In SEO

What Is Article Spinning In Search Engine Optimization

Article Spinning: Article spinning is the process of rewriting an article to create a new fresh or original copy of the old article and to avoid the duplicate content issue. Duplicate content results in penalty on major search engine. This is one of the most widely used SEO techniques.


Need Of Article Spinning: When we write an article on a website and it has good rank on SERP. If we put the same article on some other website (2-3), then may be the article of other website get good serp ranking. But when you have added the same article to more websites (May be 100-1000), then the article of the other website are detected as duplicate content and they will be ignored by the Search Engine. So the article spinning is necessary.

On Article Spinning, we write an article and then re-write the same article to hundreds or thousand times on different version using synonyms and adding extra things to the article to avoid the duplicate and put that to different website. You can also add back links (Inbound and Outbound) from the text used in the article to increase the SERP ranking. Using this technique a new and unique article can be created without changing the concept of the article and submit that to different websites without the fear of duplicate content.


Article spinning is totally dependable on how your brain is reword the same thing over and over again. If your re-write article are not unique and getting duplicity, then it will be treated as Black Hat SEO Version and website will get negative impact.

Types Of Article Spinning

Article Spinning Types: After writing the first article you can re-write the article by these two ways

  • Automatic Spinning: This can be done using a tools and in automatic manner. On automatic spinning, re write can be done using the similar words but subtly different meaning to the original. It may be detected as spam, As the so may text will be matched on the articles
  • Manual Spinning: You have to do the spinning process manually. As per your brain you can write a good unique article. And if you take care on the words, then it will be not detected as spam.

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