What Is Content Automation In SEO

Content Automation In SEO

Content Automation In SEO

What Is Content Automation In Search Engine Optimization

Content Automation: Content Automation is a process of creating content of the website in a automatic matter by using a tool or script. It means the content of the website will be automatically generate using a tool and published on the website. It comes under the Black Hat SEO Techniques.


In Content Automation, total article or page is automatically generate. It means you are not putting any effort to give title, heading (h1–h6), tags and the rest of the content.

Content automation is good for some time on SEO point of view. But it has so many bad effects for your website. It will give you a sudden growth in ranking and result in SERP, but it is not long lasting. Very soon it will be detected as a spam website and removed or black listed from the search engine.


Benefits Of Content Automation For The Website

  • Your website will become a very large (As per content, Not ranking of Website) at less time.
  • Your man effort will be less, as the content are generating automatically.
  • As you are generating the content automatically. So you will take care the indexing strategy of Search Engine. So it will give you a sudden growth in SERP
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Disadvantage of Content Automation

  • Sudden dropdown of the website will occur.
  • It will violate the search engine guidelines
  • Doorway pages will occur, as the content are automatic generating and the link will be generate automatically.
  • Keyword stuffing will occur, as the content are generating using tools, So it will follow a frame to creating the content
  • Your website may be banned or blacklisted from the search engine

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