What Is Sneaky Redirects In SEO

Sneaky Redirects in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Sneaky Redirects in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What Is Sneaky Redirects In Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Sneaky Redirects In SEO: Sneaky Redirects is a redirection technique that is used to redirect a user to different page with the intent to display the content other than that was made available for search engine crawler. It means sneaky redirects send the web visitor to a different URL than the one the user is requested. This is a technique used in Black Hat SEO.


Using this technique website visitor is redirected to a web page which is not his need. Some examples of this type of web pages are

  • Search Engine shows users to one type of content while the users are redirected to a completely different website
  • Desktop version of the website is normal page, while opening the same web page on mobile, It redirects to a completely different web page
  • While navigating through the web page, another web pages are automatically redirecting.

Note: Search engine don’t like the sneaky redirects techniques and the users those are using the same will be black listed from the SERP.


How To Do Sneaky Redirects In Web Site

Techniques For Sneaky Redirects: Generally people uses the below techniques to do the sneaky redirects on there website.

  • Using Javascript: Search Engine don’t crawl the javascript. So using javascript several people do the sneaky redirects.
  • Mouseover Redirects: Redirection command is used in the website on mouse over on a particular section of the web page.
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  • Meta Refresh Redirect: This redirect is used to redirect to another page using Meta refresh tag.
  • Frames Redirect: Redirection techniques using iframe or frame is also considered as sneaky redirects on some cases.
  • Others: Any other redirection technique that will follow the above rule will comes under sneaky redirects.


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