What is the difference between Rehabilitation and Therapy?

Rehabilitation and therapy are words that have too much stigma around them. People shy away from talking about topics such as rehabilitation, therapy, counseling, psychiatric treatments, and mental disorders.

This social stigma has led women and men into keeping their problems to themselves and not having the freedom to seek help. Not being able to seek help makes it even more difficult for patients as they begin to feel prisoners to their own causes. This in turn ruins their lives and their relationships.


Women’s rehabilitation centre is a safe space for women to seek help concerning physical, mental, and substance abuse issues with the help of professional psychiatrists and medical experts.

A rehabilitation center can offer multiple programs that are affiliated with medical care so that any issue that requires care and supervision can be rectified in a safe, secured, and professional way without any judgment or stigma.


Who requires Rehabilitation and Therapy?

The first question that one must ask is who are the ideal patients that may require rehabilitation and therapy. A rehabilitation can cater to a variety of problems and therefore, one must know if their own condition requires intervention or rehabilitation. Knowing this can also help family members and friends to find suitable help for a patient as well.

Below are some of the scenarios where a patient can seek help through rehabilitation and therapy:

  1. Physiological Problems
    This includes major surgeries, accidents, trauma, spine injuries, brain injuries, nervous system disorders, stroke, Bell’s Palsy, Crohn’s Disease, etc.
  2. Mental Disorders
    This includes Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, anger management, ADHD, Personality Disorder, Severe OCD, and other such issues
  3. Substance Abuse
    Deaddiction programs with regards to substance abuse such as Alcohol, Marijuana, Cocaine, Nicotine, Heroin, LSDs, Methamphetamine, Acid, etc.

These are some of the scenarios where a patient may be required to check into a rehabilitation center where the problem is diagnosed and addressed with proper care accordingly. There are women’s Rehabilitation centers that can help women seek help confidentially and help themselves in case of mental disorders and substance abuse issues as well.

Difference between Rehabilitation and Therapy

Rehabilitation is a place or a program that is run by a group of professionals where a patient can check themselves in and seek help with a wide variety of physiological, mental, and deaddiction issues. Men and Women’s Rehabilitation centre in India are meant for people who cannot help themselves either functionally, physically, or emotionally and need assistance with regard to their own health.


Therapy on the other hand is a part of a rehabilitation program. It can be done individually by psychiatrists and psychologists as well but it is essentially a core program for rehabilitation centers. With therapy, the professionals help the patients to come up with issues and work with them mutually and effectively.


Many kinds of therapy are done based on the patient’s situation and case. A good psychiatrist is a judge of what kind of therapy is most suitable for which patient. Therapy is also done for issues such as family problems, couples or marriage issues, substance abuse problems, anger management issues, depression and anxiety, and a range of other personality and mental disorders.


Therapy in the form of physiotherapy and feedback therapy is done for the physiological problems of patients suffering from pain and trauma. Patients who need assistance to regain strength and functionality can benefit from them.


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