What Is WordPress.com

What Is WordPress.com

What is wordpress.com?

What Is WordPress.com: WordPress.com is a free hosted version of WordPress, that enables you to create a simple WordPress blog or a website within a few minutes. As everyone now, WordPress software is free to use. But you need to buy a domain and a hosting to active your website. But in wordpress.com you will get free hosting and a domain like yourname.wordpress.com. So without investment, you can create a WordPress website with wordpress.com.

Simply create an account and create a WordPress blog at wordpress.com within few minutes.
As wordpress.com is free. So it has so many limitations and you can not use all the facility of WordPress software. You need to self-host the WordPress to get all the facility.


Answer: Why Should we use WordPress

Limitations of wordpress.com

There are so many limitations you will face If you are using the free WordPress at wordpress.com. Some of the limitations are listed below

  • Themes: You are limited to use the theme available on the website. Neither you can customize nor you can upload a new theme.
  • Plugins: You can not allow to upload any free, paid or custom theme.
  • Free: WordPress blogs are free up to 3GB of storage space. They display ads on your website and as you are free and cannot have a custom domain, so you are limited to subdomains.
  • Monetization: You are not allowed to monetize your website. Users with high traffic (25000 Monthly Pageview) can apply for advertising with revenue sharing. You cannot use Adsense with free WordPress.
  • Branding: Free wordpress.com users are bound to display powered by the link on their website. Ads will be displayed and you can not earn from those ads.
  • SEO Features: You don’t have much control over website SEO with free wordpress.com. As you can not install any plugin.
  • Analytics: Free wordpress.com comes with their free built-in stats and you can not install any 3rd party analytics which is more powerful.
  • E-Commerce Store: You can not create an online store.
  • Membership Site: You can not create a complete membership website.

How To Remove Limitations of Free WordPress.Com

You have to upgrade your plan at wordpress.com to avail extra facility and remove the different limitations of wordpress.com. However, its costs will be high and you will not get all the facility.


It will be better if you move your free wordpress.com blog to a self-hosted place by buying a domain and hosting. You will get unlimited facility there.


Hope this article will help you to understand what is wordpress.com. If you have any doubt then feel free to share your thoughts through comments. We will be happy to solve your issue.


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