How to Modify User Role In WordPress

Different Types Of User Roles In WordPress - Permission To User Level

How to Modify User Role In WordPress (Admin, Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber)

Modify User Role In WordPress: Article entitled “How to Modify User Role In WordPress” will show you how to convert the user roles or change the permissions of the WordPress user. It means convert admin to an editor or any other user role or convert an author to admin or contributor. It will show you the step by step procedure to convert any type of user to another in WordPress. Normally a WordPress website has 5 type of user.

Different Types Of User Roles In WordPress - Permission To User Level


Generally, Admin modifies the user roles for two reasons. If a user is faithful and capable of handling more works, then provides higher permission to the old users. Otherwise, if someone is not capable of handling his required work, then decreases the permission to lower users. To know about the permissions of different type of users. Read the previous article entitled as “different types of user role in WordPress and their permissions“.

How to modify the permissions of WordPress users (User Role)

Below is the step by step procedure to change the permissions of WordPress user. You can make an administrator account to lower level users such as editor, author, subscriber or contributor. You can also change the permissions of an editor to either admin or any lower level user role like author or contributor or subscriber. The same can also be done for the author, contributor, and subscriber.


What Are The Different Types Of User In WordPress And Their Permissions

Note: Only the administrator account of WordPress (Admin) has the permissions to modify the user roles. So you must be an administrator to change the permission of different users. To do the same follow the below steps.

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard using your Admin account.
  2. Click on “Users” on Navigation Toolbar and then click on “All Users” to view all the users with different user roles on the WordPress website.
  3. All the users are listed there grouped by user roles. Click on the user roles to view all the users with that roles.
  4. Select the user by clicking on the checkbox whose permission you want to modify. You can select the user from all users or by clicking on the group name (Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber)
  5. After choosing the user, click on “Edit“.
  6. Scroll down to the “Role“. From the drop-down menu of role, select the user role that you want to make to that user. You can select anything as per your requirement from the drop-down menu.How to Modify User Roles In WordPress - Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber
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  8. Click on “Update User“.
  9. That is it. Now the user role or permission for that user is updated with the new roles.

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By this way, you can modify the permissions for the registered users on your WordPress website. But before changing the permission you must take care of your website security. As per the need and faith, provide the permissions for the user.


Hope this article will help you to modify the permission level of your previously created WordPress user. If you face any difficulty then feel free to share your issues with us. We will like to solve your problem.


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