Wordpress.com vs Wordpress.org (Which Is Better)

Difference Between WordPress.com And WordPress.org

Comparison Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org: Both are the different things. As you know WordPress software is open source and free to use. If you know the small facility of both then doubt will be simply clarified. So first you need to know what is wordpress.com and what is wordpress.org.

  • What Is WordPress.org: As you know WordPress software is free to use. So you can download the WordPress software from www.wordpress.org and use it on your self-hosted website. You can download WordPress for free, But it must be installed on a web server with a domain name in order to work. So you need to buy a domain and a hosting yourself.
  • What Is wordpress.com: WordPress.com is a free hosted version of WordPress that enables you to build a simple WordPress blog. It is completely free and you don’t need to invest anything for hosting. During signup, you will get a “*.wordpress.com” free.

Difference Between WordPress.com And WordPress.org


Now the doubt increases in choosing the correct platform to build your website using WordPress. Which is better WordPress.com or wordpress.org? what is the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org? We suggest you instead of using free WordPress from wordpress.com, It is better to buy your own hosting and domain. And within that hosting install your own WordPress. As per our view, self-hosted WordPress is better than free wordpress.com. Go through the below comparison to know why we are saying self-hosted WordPress is better than free wordpress.com

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Why Self Hosted WordPress Is Better Than Free WordPress.com

Below is the list of difference between self-hosted wordpress.org and free wordpress.com.

  • Themes: We are bound to use the available themes that exist in their WordPress theme repository and cannot install any new theme in free wordpress.com. But in self-hosted WordPress, we can add a new custom theme and modify the old theme as per the requirement.
  • Plugins: You are not allowed to upload any free or paid or custom plugin in free wordpress.com. But in case of self-hosted WordPress, you can upload any number of free, paid or custom theme as you want. Plugins help you to maximize the WordPress potential as a CMS tool.
  • Price: You will get WordPress blog at wordpress.com for free. But in case of self-hosted WordPress, you have to regularly pay for the domain and hosting.
  • Monetization: You are not allowed to freely monetize your blog with ads on free wordpress.com. However high volume traffic website (Monthly 25000 page views) can apply for advertising with revenue sharing. But in case of self-hosted WordPress, you can sell as many ads you want on your website. You can use any ad network as per your wish and most importantly you will get the 100% of your earning.
  • Branding: Free wordpress.com users are forced to display “Powered By” Link on their website. But with wordpress.org you don’t have to display any powered by the link on the website.
  • SEO: You can not get much control over SEO in free WordPress, as you can not install plugins. But In self-hosted WordPress, you can install third-party SEO plugin and maximize your SEO potential.
  • Analytics: Free wordpress.com comes with built-in stats and you can not install any 3rd party powerful analytics. But in self-hosted WordPress, you can install Google analytics or other 3rd party analytics to get all the insights that you need.
  • E-commerce Store: We can not create an online store with free wordpress.com But it is possible in case of self-hosted WordPress.
  • Membership Site: We can not create a membership site with free wordpress.com.
  • Maintainance: Free wordpress.com does not need any maintenance and you don’t need to worry about anything. But we have to take care of everything if we own a website of our own in personal hosting.
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Upgrade Free WordPress.com To Overcome The Limits

However, Free wordpress.com can also be upgraded. With an upgraded plan, you will get control over themes, plugins, branding, SEO, analytics. But you can not create an e-commerce or membership site. If you compare the price to upgrade the free wordpress.com and self-hosted WordPress by purchasing a hosting, Then you will find self-hosted as cheaper. That is why we suggest WordPress.org or a self-hosted website. You will get the full control over the website.


Hope the article will help you to choose the right platform for your website. If you have any doubt then you can communicate with our team by comments. Our team will happy to help you.


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